6.2.7. Create a Snapshot of the Instance

In order to back up the Instance, you need to take a snapshot of it.
You can also create a new Instance from the snapshot.


Instances created using either “Boot from image” or “Boot from snapshot” for Instance Boot Source may have snapshots taken.
Snapshots can NOT be taken from Instances created with Instance Boot Source “Boot from volume”.  However, backups can be created for these Instances by using “Upload Volume to Image”.  For more information please refer to section Upload a Volume to an Image .

Additionally, you need to shut off / down the Instance prior to obtaining the snapshot.  For more information please refer to section Shut Off an Instance .

After you confirm the Instance is shut off, select “Create Snapshot” from the Actions drop-down menu on the Instances screen in the previous section.

Give the snapshot a name, and click “Create Snapshot”.