6.2.2. Adding a Data Volume to an Instance

To add a Data Volume to an Instance (Virtual Server), perform the following three procedures; 1. create a new Data Volume, 2. attach it to the Instance, and 3. mount the Data Volume. Creating a Data Volume

To create a new empty Data Volume, log into the Control Panel, move to “Server”, then “Virtual Server”, then “Volume”, and finally, click the “Create Volume” button.


Volume Name

Name of the Volume


You can add notes.

Volume source

Select volume source from pull down.


Specify the size of the volume to be created.

Zone / Group

Select the zone / group to create the volume from the pull-down.


When selecting a zone/group, specify the same zone/group as the zone/group to which the instance you want to add the volume attache to. Please note that you cannot connect zones / group straddling instances and volumes.


To create additional empty volumes select the “No source, empty volume” option for Volume Source. Attach a Data Volume to an Instance

To attach a Data Volume to an Instance, move to “Virtual Server”, and then “Volume”. From the drop-down under Actions to the right of the Volume you want to attach, choose “Manage Attachments”.


Then, you need to select the Destination Volume you would like to connect to, from the Action list (“Attach to Instant”). Finally, click “Attach Volume” at the lower-right of the “Manage Volume Attaches” page.


Please be aware that if you start or turn off / on (*1) the instance after attaching / detaching the volume, the volume goes offline or the device name of the interface changes. For details and how to respond, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions .

*1 Shut down on the OS, confirm that the instance status is stopped, and start the instance with the portal or API. Includes restart by HA. (Be careful as it will not be turned off / on by rebooting on the OS)


The OS can see the Data Volume after it is attached but it is unusable in this state. To properly use it, you will need to and mount and format it.


When attaching a volume to an instance booted from an ISO image (an instance composed of an ISO image and an empty volume), the maximum number of attachable volumes is four. In addition, when attaching two or more volumes to an instance booted with an ISO image from the customer portal, please note that the second and subsequent volumes are attached with the device format with hdc, hdd, etc., and the I / O performance can be reduced. (In the case of API, this can be avoided because you can select the device format).