19.3. New / Add method of Veeam License

19.3.1. New / Add method Introduction

This section describes how to fill out the Setting Sheet of Veeam License Service. Software Requirements for Use

Please refer to here for software requirements for using Enterprise Cloud 2.0. How to use the portal

Please refer to here for how to use the portal of Enterprise Cloud 2.0. Accessing to the Veeam license menu

Click the “Open Control Panel” button on the dashboard screen and Click [ Middleware ].


Veeam license will be issued for Each Tenant.

Click [ Veeam License ]. Application for “New / Add” of Veeam license

Click [New / Add].
Next, the “New / Add” screen will be displayed.
* The contents you fill in on this screen are as follows.
No. Item Description
[1] “Accept the above notes details” Please confirm the contents in the “Notes”. And check the checkbox after you accept.
[2] “E-mail Address(*)” We will send you the notification mail to this address, so please enter the email address which you can confirm it.
[3] “E-mail Address (Confirmation) (*)” Please re-enter your e-mail address in “E-mail Address (confirmation) (*)” to confirm the above “E-mail Address (*)”.
[4] “Setting Sheet (*)” Click [ Select file ] button and select the “setting sheet” which you filled in. Upload the selected “setting sheet”. (Even if you would like to add license, you have to fill in the Setting Sheet.)
[5] “Plan” Select the license type you wish to subscribe from pull-down list.
[6] “Quantity” Enter quantity of licenses you wish to subscribe.
[7] “+” If you would like to increase “License Plan”, please click this.
[8] “-“ If you would like to decrease “License Plan”, please click this.


Please be careful not to make a mistake in the e-mail address. If you do not receive the notification mail, please contact us via the ticket system.
Confirm whether the details of your application are correct and click [ Confirm ].

If you would like to cancel the application registration, please click [ Cancel ].
Next, confirm whether your application contents are correct on the “Confirm” screen and click [ Submit ].

If there is any mistake in your application contents, please click [ Back ]. Then you will return to the “New / Add” screen. (Note that you cannot cancel after click [ Submit ].)
Next, confirm that your application is completed on the “Complete” screen, and click [ Main Menu ].
Finally, confirm that your application contents are displayed correctly on the main menu screen. We will send “Application Receipt Mail” to the “E-mail Address” you registered, so please confirm its contents.


If there is any incompleteness in your application content, we will send “Send Back Notification Mail” to “E-mail Address” which you registered. Please correct your application contents and apply again. Necessary task to start using Veeam license

When the preparation to use Veeam Subscription is completed, we will send “Subscription Start Mail” to the “E-mail Address” you registered.
And after we register your information to Veeam Customer Support as support user, Veeam corporation will send notification mail to the “E-mail Address” which you filled in the Setting Sheet.


“Service Starting Notification” is never attached to “Subscription Start Mail”.
Please be careful to read the “Subscription Start Mail”, and click “download” from the main menu screen of Veeam license and download the zip file.
This downloaded zip file includes the Service Starting Notification, the Setting Sheet which you filled out and the license file. (The Veeam license is provided by file format.)
The “Service Starting Notification” contains license key, Veeam’s Support ID, service start date (billing start date), software support desk, support information and so on. Please check the “Service Starting Notification” and use Veeam license.


The download file is encrypted for protecting customer information. If you could not unzip the download file, please contact us via the ticket system.

When you would like to download the file, please check your application status is “Active”.