About the Assigning a "Ticket Issuing Permission" to a User.

If you do not have permission of Ticket Issuing on your User account, you will NOT create any Ticket on this Service.


Note that this permission is different from the ordinal access permissions on your Contracts and your Tenants.

How to Assign a Ticket Issuing Permission to the User.

Choose the “ADMIN” then “Manage Permissions”, after you log in to your Business Portal as below:

ECL2.0 ポータル

The Permission Group Membership which exists in your Business Portal Account will appear. Here, you need to select the “Ticket Permissions JP” tab, then click the contract ID in this Service of your company.


The following details on the Group selected will appear. Here you need to verify the check marks in both of “View Ticket” & “Edit Ticket” at the Item settings for relevant Permission. Then, click “Edit” in the upper- right page.


Select the user accounts to be given its permission among from all of the users in your Business Portal, then click “Add”. After adding all the user, click “Update”.


Once the new update has completed, all the added user will display at the “Permission Group Membership” screen as shown below: