32.2.1. Using Ticket System

Enterprise Cloud 2.0 provides a Ticket System in the event that Customers can use for their questions and any unknown issue linking them directly to our Contact Center. Please feel free to contact us though issuing Tickets, in case you require any assistance for service related issues or questions.


The information on “FAQ” and “Known Issues”, which lists common Customers questions, are provided at both “FAQ” and “Known Issues” pages upon “Knowledge Center”. Please visit our “Knowledge Center” to verify both pages before issuing a ticket to assure the answer has not already been given in these sections.

FAQ : Please refer to https://ecl.ntt.com/en/faq/ . Known-Issues: Please refer to https://ecl.ntt.com/en/known-issues/ .


For a support range, pleae refer to the following service description: https://ecl.ntt.com/en/documents/service-descriptions/ Issuing Tickets via our Ticket System

After you log in to Enterprise Cloud 2.0 Portal, click “Support” at the upper navigation then “Move to Ticket System*”.

ECL2.0 ポータル


If you utilize service indirectly through our Partners, you may NOT be able to contact us by using a Ticket System. For such scenarios, you should directly contact the relevant Partner.

Click [ Service Desk ], then [Create Ticket] on the below screen.


First, select “Category” when you “Create Ticket”. If you issue a Ticket related to the Enterprise Cloud 2.0 service, choose “Data Center” then “Enterprise Cloud 2.0 General”. Finally, select either “Incident Submission” or “General Inquiry”, as shown below:

  • General Inquiry: This inquires about how to use.

  • Incident Submission: Relates to inquiries in the case you can NOT utilize the Service



If “Enterprise Cloud 2.0 General” is NOT displayed at the category, the signing-in user has not been given the permission (right) of Ticket Creation correctly. For the procedure on how to give the permission of Ticket Issuing, please refer to About the Assigning a Ticket Issuing Permission to the User.


If you have purchased Enterprise Cloud 2.0 through Service Provider’s affiliate, multiple support options may display at the screen as pictured below. In this case, please choose as contracted by your company.

Once you selected the category, the edit field is displayed as below. Then, input the details as below.


Below are the Items required for entry to issue Tickets.


You need to enter the overview of your inquiries.

Service Menu

Select a specific Service Name ( a Baremetal Server and a Virtual Server ) related to your inquiry.

Tenant ID

Input your Tenant ID, with fully viewing the Portal screen.

Time and Date when the Incident has occurred, Behavior History, and Current Situation

Only if any unknown-issue has occurred, please input this field.


Please input the details on your inquiry.

Files Upload

If you would like to upload any screenshot and any log file, you can attach them to the Ticket. (these often can expedite the solution)


Once changing a pull-down of the Service menu in the middle of a Ticket creation, any content described in [ Details ] will clean up.


Service Provider define information need to be described at ticket creation. Please refer to Information to be mentioned on the ticket for more details.

After inputting the required items to the Ticket, add both information of Contract Number of this Service & the User Account of this Service as below, then click “Create Ticket” to issue & create it.

チケットトップ How to Check Tickets

You can verify the issued Ticket, by choosing “Service Desk” then “Overview” to be displayed. as follows.

チケットトップ Replying to the Ticket.

Once the feedback to your issuing Ticket has been sent from the Service Provider’s Support Desk, the notification of sending this feedback will be delivered to your specified email address.
You can view the comment from the ticket support logs, by accessing the tickets by viewing the tickets.
If you resend the comment to the Ticket, please “update” the additional information into “New Comments” as follows.