Restoring SnapshotsΒΆ


In prior to this procedure, please log out iSCSI from all clients which use the target Volume.

Select the Virtual Server and move to the Virtual Storage Details screen. Then, on the Volume Details screen, click the Snapshots tab.

Restore snapshot 1

Specify a target snapshot, and select “Restore from this Snapshot” from the pull-down list.

Restore snapshot 2

On the pop-up window, confirm the target snapshot name and click [ Restore from Snapshot ].


Snapshots created after the restoring action above are deleted automatically.

Restore snapshot 3

After the execution,
On the Snapshots tab in the Volume Details screen, which is accessible from the Virtual Storage Details screen of the Virtual Server category,
The status of the snapshots created after the restoring action above becomes “Deleted”.


After certain period, these deleted snapshots will be removed from the display completely. If you want to remove those immediately, please perform the action manually.

Restore snapshot 4