7.1.2. Managing a Block Storage

These items can be managed in the Storage menu after creating both “Virtual Storage” & “Volume”. Managing a Virtual Storage.

Once you click “Edit Virtual Storage” on created Virtual Storage, you will be able to edit the following items as seen below:



Name of a Virtual Storage


Description on a Virtual Storage

IP Address Pool

You can modify the IP Address range to be assigned to the created Volume. NOTE: This operation allows you to execute ONLY within the Logical Network Subnet (specified during creation of the Virtual Storage)

Creating an additional Host Route.

You can create and update an additional routing information for Virtual Storage. Managing a Volume

Click “Edit Volume” to edit the following within the Block Storage Volume.



Name of the Volume


Description of the Volume

Initiator IQN

You can add and delete the initiator IQN, and can register the maximum up to 32 initiator IQNs.