13.1. Estimated configuration and required preparation for the SAP HANA Set

13.1.1. Estimated configuration of the SAP HANA Set

The following diagram shows the estimated configuration created by a new or an additional subscription for the SAP HANA Set.
SAP HANA セットの構成イメージ

13.1.2. Necessary tasks performed by the customer in advance

  • Configuring logical networks that will be connected with Baremetal servers and file storages

  • Configuring and sizing of SAP HANA Configuring logical networks

Create the Logical Network that will be connected with Baremetal Server and File Storage with 2 segments at least: one segment each for Data Plane and Storage Plane.
Please refer to the page linked below for the logical network configuration procedure: Configuring and sizing of SAP HANA

Perform configuring and sizing required for new and/or additional the SAP HANA Set subscription.
Please refer to the Platform System based on SAP HANA in the Configuration Guide.

13.1.3. Services provided with the SAP HANA Set

  • Baremetal Server configuration

  • File Storage configuration

  • OS installation

  • File Storage mounting

  • HANA installation

  • TDI (Tailored Data Center Integration) appliance deployed check Creating SAP HANA infrastructure: platform OS and HANA installing and directory deployment

Please refer to the Create SAP HANA infrastructure section in the Service Descriptions.
Modifications on the OS and SAP HANA parameters made after service launch shall be made by yourself.