3.3.2. Configure an Internet Gateway

Obtain a Public IP Address for the Internet Gateway and connect to the existing Logical Network. Then configure the settings by adding “Routings”. To configure the Internet Gateway settings, click the name of the Internet Gateway, then navigate the pages as shown below:

インターネットゲートウェイ作成画面 Obtain a Public IP

Navigate to the Global IP Address List screen, by clicking on the “Public IP” tab. Initially, there is no public IP, so click “Add Public IP” as shown below:

Upon the screen above, you are required to configure the netmask for Public IP Address within the range from /26 to /32. Under your environment, configure netmask settings for Public IP Address, based on the number of your required netmasks .
Once the Public IP has obtained, the following Public IP Address will display as shown below: Adding a Gateway Interface

In this step, configure the settings which will connect a Logical Network to the created Internet Gateway. NOTE: You should have already configured a Logical Network in advance before proceeding.

This can be configured in the settings shown below:


You can choose any name for the Internet Gateway.


This can be set to reflect the descriptions of Internet Connectivity (Gateway).

A Logical Network to be Connected to the Internet (“the Connected Logical Network”)

You can specify any Name used for management.

Gateway IPv4 Address

Specify the IP Address to be assigned to the Gateway. Assign this Gateway’s IP Address within the IP Address range of the existing Logical Network.

Primary Device IPv4 Address

Specify a primary IP Address for the Internet Gateway. Assign the IP Address within the range of the existing Logical Network’s IP Address.

Secondary Device IPv4 Address

Specify the Secondary IP Address of the Internet Gateway. Assign this IP Address within the IP Address range of the existing Logical Network.


The Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) is a computer networking protocol that provides for automatic assignment of available Internet Protocol (IP) routers to participating hosts. This increases the availability and reliability of routing paths via automatic default gateway selections on an IP subnetwork. You can utilize the Internet Gateway with designing a redundant configuration at a VRRP. In that case, you are required to specify the Group ID of the VRRP.

Here, specify [ Internet_seg ] to connect the beforehand created [ Internet_seg ] to an Internet Gateway. Add a Static Route

If you need a Static Route finally, you can configure the settings of the Static Route, as follows:



If you will connect the Resources of your Virtual Server and your Baremetal Server directly to the Internet Gateways without any Firewall, we recommend that you configure the Security Settings upon the OS in order to prevent from any malicious attacks from the external environments. For the way you configure the standard settings, please refer to the following webpage: (Reference): Configuring the Normal Security Level Settings upon the OS.