3.3.1. Setting up an Internet Connectivity (Gateway)

You need to set up Internet Connectivity for access to the newly created Resources via the Internet. Procedure

Choose “Internet Connectivity” from among “Networks” at the left-side navigation of the Control Panel. After doing so, the Internet Gateway list screen is displayed. Click “Create Internet Gateway” at the center of the screen, as below:

The following are the available Items that you can configure the settings in Internet Connectivity settings:


You can choose any name for the Internet Gateway.


This can be set to reflect the descriptions of Internet Connectivity (Gateway).

QoS Options

You can choose a “Bandwidth” and “Type”, based on naming rules. There are the following 2 types in the Internet Connectivity: Either “Best Effort” or “Guaranteed”.

After configuration is completed, you will be able to obtain a Public IP Address and configure the Gateway Interface settings.
When accessing a Tenant to the Internet, the following Item are required: Obtaining a Public IP & configuring the Gateway Interface Settings connecting a Logical Network to your created Internet Gateway.