3.5. Enterprise Cloud 1.0 Inter-Connectivity(EIC)

Enterprise Cloud 2.0 enables you to connect to respective Resources of any pre-existing ECL 1.0 Contract. To configure this Inter-Connectivity (ECL1.0 and ECL2.0), you need to submit and additional subscription form. For more details, we recommend that you contact to the Service Provider’s sales representative. Lead time may be necessary before configuring an new Inter-Connectivity after you submitted Inter-Connectivity subscription form.

3.5.1. Creating an Additional Enterprise Cloud Inter-Connectivity (EIC)

The information you have already supplied at the time of subscription will appear as shown below once the Inter-Connectivity has been completed after the initial subscription of an EIC.


Click the “mEIC ID” at the screen, then display the mEIC Details. After doing so, click “Create EIC” at the current screen.


Input the following information at the “Create EIC” screen, then click the “Create EIC” command to execute.



Name of the EIC to be created


Select your Logical Network to connect to ECL 1.0 from the pull-down menu

Enterprise Cloud 1.0 Server Segment

Select the server segment of the ECL 1.0 to connect to your Logical Network, as specified from above, via the pull-down menu.