3.9. Remote DC (Data Center) Inter-Connectivity

By utilizing between Enterprise Cloud 2.0 regions and in combination with [ Nexcenter Connect Global ], you can connect with major Data Centers, such as Nexcenter, via a narrow range network by a wide range best-effort.

3.9.1. How to Subscribe a Remote Data Center Inter-Connectivity.

Enterprise Cloud 2.0 requires to submit a subscription form instead of subscribing via a portal screen. For more information on Remote DC Inter-Connectivity, please refer to the service description: https://ecl.ntt.com/en/documents/service-descriptions/

3.9.2. Configuring a Remote Data Center Inter-Connectivity (DIC) Gateway.

After subscribing a Remote DC Inter-Connectivity Gateway, the following informaion you have input will display as shown below:

VPN Top Add a DC Inter-Connectivity Interface as well as a Gateway Interface

By clicking a displayed DIC Gateway name, the details on DIC Gateway will display.
To connect a Logical Network to a DIC Gateway, you need to create a [ DC Inter-Connectivity Interface ] and a [ Gateway Interface ].
Selecting either the [ Gateway Interface ] tab or the [ DC Inter-Connectivity Interface ], and click [ Add an Interface ].

Following are required items to input when adding any [ Inter-DC Interface ] and any [ Gateway Interface ].

DICGW Interface


You can choose any name for the Internet Gateway.


This can be set to reflect the descriptions of Internet Connectivity (Gateway).

Gateway IPv4 Address

Specify the IP Address to be assigned to the Gateway. Assign this Gateway’s IP Address within the IP Address range of the existing Logical Network.

Primary Device IPv4 Address

Specify a primary IP Address for the Internet Gateway. Assign the IP Address within the range of the existing Logical Network’s IP Address.

Secondary Device IPv4 Address

Specify the Secondary IP Address of the Internet Gateway. Assign this IP Address within the IP Address range of the existing Logical Network.


The Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) is a computer networking protocol that provides for automatic assignment of available Internet Protocol (IP) routers to participating hosts. This increases the availability and reliability of routing paths via automatic default gateway selections on an IP subnetwork. You can utilize the Internet Gateway with designing a redundant configuration at a VRRP. In that case, you are required to specify the Group ID of the VRRP.

Connect Logical Network (Only the Inter-DC Connectivity Interface).

Specify a Logical Network being Connected for a Gateway

Netmask (Only a DC Inter-Connectivity Interface).

Specify a DC inter-Network Segment Netmask


If a VRRPID has overlapped upon a same Logical Network, communication could NOT correctly. Therefore, specify another VRRPID different from one of the other device. Add a Static Route

If you create a Static Route to a Logical Network, click the [ Static Route ] tab. Once the [ Add Static Route ] tab will display, click [ Add Static Route ] at the [ Static Route ] tab.
DIC DICGW_staticroute