3.10. Common Function Gateways

If you utilize the paid Official Template Image, such as Windows OS, provided by this Service, upon both of the Baremetal Server and the Virtual Server, you need to connect to Common Function Gateways for licence activation. As the same, you also need to connect to Common Function Gateways, if you attach the respective Resources to the NTP Server, provided by this Service.
After doing the above, you need to create Common Function Gateways in advance, in order to create an Instance utilizing the Windows Official Template Image.


Once Common Function Gateways has been created upon a Tenant, the destination Logical Network to be connected to Common Function Gateways is created upon the System.

3.10.1. Procedure

First, log in to the control panel, then click “Network” and “Common Function Gateways”. After doing so, choose “Create Common Function Gateways”, where you need to choose the Name for your management and the** Common Function Pool** to be connected.


Once you selected the name of the Common Function Gateways after creating the Common Function Gateways, the following “Details” screen will appear. To connect to the Common Function Gateways provided by Enterprise Cloud 2.0, the License Permission Server, and the NTP Server, you need to transmit by utilizing a Link Local IP Address.



For activating your licences at the Baremetal Server, please refer to Activate your OS License; For the license activation at the Virtual Server, please refer to the procedure of Activate your OS License .