11.1.4. Using Dashboard

Dashboard function is offered to the users with Advanced plan (charged).
With the Dashboard function, you can find the active status of your multiple resources at once.
Firstly, set a meter (monitoring item) of multiple resources into a widget so that they are shown as a graph.
By laying out this widget multiply, you can see the necessary information at once as a list.
ダッシュボード画面 Setting Up Dashboard

This section describes how to set dashboard.
Dashboard settings start with clicking [ Add widget ].
As clicking [ Add widget ], the setting screen below appears.
On the setting screen, the following 4 items are required to be filled.


Select various menus to be added to the widget from the pull-down menu.


Select a resource of the menu selected above.

Widget Menu

Input the widget name as you prefer.


Select meters used for the resource that will be shown on a graph.
By dragging and dropping meters from the Meter section on the left to the Selected Meters section on the right.
The number of meters to be selected for a widget is maximum 5. Changing and Deleting Dashboard

Setting changes of widgets added to Dashboard are available.
This section shows how to change each widget's settings.

Graph update

This update button makes the graph's information the latest status.


Widget setting change

Click this button in order to change the widget settings.
The widget setting procedures are the same as those taken for adding.

Widget delete

Click this button to delete a widget from Dashboard.
After clicking the button, a confirmation screen will appear. Click the delete button for deleting.

Graph period change

The following 3 means allow to change the graph period:
-select the relevant period from the pull-down menu placed on the upper-right position of the widget (present - 13 months ago),
-select by using the Zoom button (1h: 1 hour, 24h: 24 hours, or 1w: 1 week), and
-set with the seek bar located under the widget.

Graph data output

This button allows you to output the data indicated on the widget.
The following 2 means are available for outputting. Choose a suitable format to your purpose:
-Print chart: this function allows you to print out the indicated graph, and
-Download: this function allows you to download the graph in either PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG, CSV or XLS format. Saving Dashboard

To save the status of Dashboard, click [ Save Dashboard ] at the upper-right position of Dashboard screen.
With this action, the same Dashboard will appear when you log in next time.