11.1.6. How to use custom resource

This section describes how to create a custom resource using a custom meter agent and monitor the load average every 5 minutes with monitoring.
Please refer to How to use custom meter with custom meter agent for how to use custom meter agent. Setting up custom resource by custom meter agent

Start agent with specifying the name of custom resource as resource ID.

Example of configuration file

monitoringUrl: Enter the ECL2.0 Monitoring API Endpoint URL
# ex. "https://monitoring-jp1-ecl.api.ntt.com/"
monitoringUrl = "https://monitoring-jp1-ecl.api.ntt.com/"

# interval: Specify the time interval to collect and send the value by the agent
# [ 1 - 3599 ] minutes, default: 5
interval = 5

# authUrl: Enter the ECL2.0 Keystone API Endpoint URL
# ex. "https://keystone-jp1-ecl.api.ntt.com/"
authUrl = "https://keystone-jp1-ecl.api.ntt.com/"

# authInterval: Specify the time interval to refresh auth token
# [ 5 - 3599 ] min, default: 60
authInterval = 60

# resourceId: Enter the target resource id for custom meter creation
# ex. nova_12ab-12cd56gh9-ab34ef78i-34cd
resourceId = "CustomResource-Tutorial"

# tenantId: Enter your tenant id
tenantId = "<tenantID>"

# userName: Enter your API key
userName = "<API key>""

# password: Enter your API secret key
password = "<API secret key>"""

meters = [
] Check a graph of custom resource

Select custom resource from the list of service on Monitoring control panel.
A custom resource with the specified resource name has been created, and by selecting this, a graph is displayed.
カスタムリソース How to set up alarm for meter of custom resource

Alarm can be configured in the same method as other meters.
Please refer to Using Monitoring Alarms for details.