11.1.1. Using Monitoring Control Panel

Monitoring Control Panel is accessible from each Tenant pictured below via the ECL2.0 Portal.
ポータルからの遷移 Monitoring Control Panel

After accessing to the Monitoring Control Panel, the screen pictured below will appear.

モニタリング コントロールパネルトップ

On the Monitoring Control Panel, the following operations are executable:


When each resource such as CPU exceeds the threshold level that you specified, a notification will be sent to your email account. With this function, you can also see all alert histories based on your settings. Please refer to Creating Monitoring Alarm for details of the setting procedures.


This function allows you to see statistical data on the current usage of server and network resources such as Baremetal server, Virtual server, Logical network and Firewall. Please refer to Verifying Meters ( Monitoring Items ) for further details.


You can create a Dashboard that displays meters of multiple resources altogether on one screen (graph generation) as you have specified. With this Dashboard, you can check very important meters at once. Please refer to Using Dashboard for details.


With this function, you can change your service plan (Basic/Advanced) and see the current plan and the number of customized meters. By changing your plan to Advanced (charged plan), you can extend your Data Retention Period and increase the maximum number of alert (alarm) creation. Please refer to Managing Plan (Verifying and Changing) for details.