11.1.2. Verifying Meters ( Monitoring Items )

To see the meters (monitoring items) of the Baremetal Server and Virtual Server instance which you are currently using, select the resource which you want to check from the Services on the Monitoring Control Panel.
As selecting the resource, the monitoring status pictured below will appear.


Select a meter intending to be checked.
Advanced plan offers a menu to extend the Data Retention Period.


Select a resource or sub-resource intending to be checked from the list of your active resources.


For the selected meter and resource, those performance will be shown as a graph.
By pointing your mouse over the graph, you can see the sample value made at the time.
Click the Update icon shown at the upper-right of the graph section, the graph will be refreshed to be the latest data.
Advanced Plan offers additional function to download the graph.


It may take several minutes to generate a graph. Showing Multiple Meters on Graph

By selecting multiple meters, a graph can show them at once.
複数メーターのグラフ表示 Indicating Meter Sample Value

By placing your mouse over the graph, sample values plotted at the time are shown.


If the selected period is too long, only the average is indicated as sample values. All sample values are not plotted on the graph.
To show actual sample values, it is necessary to set the period shorter: for example, "1h (1 hour)". Generating Graph of Deleted Resource

Any resource that have been deleted and finished being monitored with monitoring function is grayed out its name.


If there are sample values in valid of the Data Retention Period, you can see the meter.
Deleted resources whose retention period for all meters has been exceeded will not be automatically displayed in the resource list. Generating Graph of Sub Resource

To generate a graph for a sub resource, click the right arrow button located on the upper-right position of the Resources section.
If you wish to generate a resource graph once again, click the left arrow button located on the upper-right position of the Sub Resources section.
サブリソース Extending Data Retention Period of Meter

To extend the retention period of a meter for a bare metal server or virtual server instance, select a resource to extend the meter retention period, and press the extension button in the upper right of the meter column to extend the retention period. Transit to the screen to select.

Select a target meter that you want to extend its retention period.
With this action, the Data Retention Period will be extended from 1 month (31 days), the basic settings, to 13 months (397 days).


Only the Advanced Plan offers the Data Retention Period function.
Please refer to Managing Plan (Verifying and Changing) for details of Advanced Plan application procedures.
To cancel the extension of the meter's Data Retention Period, remove the marking from the checkbox and click [ Save changes ].
メーター保存期間延長解除 Downloading Graph

To download a graph, click the icon located on the upper-right position of the Graph section and select a download format.
Available download formats are PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG, CSV and XLS.


Only Advanced Plan offers the graph download function.
Please refer to Managing Plan (Verifying and Changing) for details of Advanced Plan application procedures.