Linking of an intermediate certificate and a server certificate

Operation Confirmed Version:
 Citrix Netscaler VPX Version11.0 Build67.12 Standard Edition
To use the SSL Offload function, you need to set up linking of the server certificate and the intermediate certificate after the certificate registration introduced in “How to register a certificate”.

Method to link an intermediate certificate and a server certificate will be introduced here.


For server certificates and intermediate certificates, always use those issued by the Certification Authorities.

Presumed case for sample setting

  • Assume that we want to link a server certificate (example-IA) and an intermediate certificate (example-CA).


In this scenario temporary certificates for testing are used for operation check.

From the [ Configuration ] menu, move to [ Traffic Management ] → [ SSL ] → [ Certificates ]. On the SSL Certificates screen, select the server certificate [ example-IA ], and click [ Link ] from [ Action ].
The Link Server Certificate(s) screen will be displayed. Click [ Click to select ] in [ CA Certificate Name ] and select [ example-CA ]. Then, click [ OK ].
SSL Certificates screen will be displayed.
Select [ example-IA ] and click [ Cert Links ] from [ Action ].
The Configure Certificate-key pair screen will be displayed. Check that [ CA Certificate Name ] is linked.
That completes the linking of an intermediate certificate and a server certificate.
Click [ Close ] to close the screen.