11.1.3. Connect to a Logical Network

Here describes how to connect a new Logical Network to your newly created Load Balancer Instance. After the Load Balancer Instance has been created, the list of your Load Balancer Interfaces will dispaly when choosing a name of the created Load Balancer.



The above picture shows an example that four Interfaces to be accessible to the Load Balancer will display, for the Load Balancer Plan has been created as “2Core-4interface”.

Choose “Attach Logical Network” in order to connect the Logical Network to your created Load Balancer.


On the “Attach Logical Network” screen, set the IP Addresses to be assigned to the destination Logical Network and to the Interface.


Once attached a Logical Network, the Interface status set moves from “Down” to “Pending Updating”. Finally, that status turns into “Active”, upon the Logical Network has been attached to the Interface.


  • Whenever you attach or detach a Logical Network, a Load Balancer Instance will be restarted (rebooted).

  • This operation may take about 10 minutes.

  • The IP address specified here need to be different from IP address used in Load Balancer internal. If specify same IP address, operation turn to be error and customer needs to re-create Load Balancer instance.