11.1.1. Create LoadBalancer Instance

First, move to [ Network” ] then to [ Load Balancer ] at the Control Panel. Next, execute [ Create Load Balancer ].


Specify a Name and a Plan of the Load Balancer, on “Basic Information” tab, then click “Create Load Balancer”



Name of the Load Balancer


Use of the Load Balancer

Load Balancer Plan

Choose from the list of a specific SPEC for the Load Balancer which you would like to create. The Load Balancer SPEC is shown as [ The Core Numbers of the Load Balancer ] - [ The Interface Numbers to connect ].

Zone / Group

Choose the Zone & the Group where you will create your Load Balancer. It is recommended they both be used.

Once you have configured your Load Balancer, the password will be displayed as shown below. You need to note the displayed password, it is required whenever you log in to Netscaler VPX to configure the individual rules of your Load Balancer in the future.



The Netscaler VPX users you can create are the following two types: 1. “User-Admin”, which has the administrator authorization; 2. “User-Read”, which has browsing authority.