Communication Route Check Method (Traceroute)

Operation Confirmed Version:
 Citrix Netscaler VPX Version11.0 Build67.12 Standard Edition
Check function of communication route by Traceroute command will be introduced here.

Presumed case for sample setting

  • Execute Traceroute from the Load Balancer ( to the IP address ( on other network to check the communication route.

Configuration diagram

How to Execute Traceroute

From the [ Configuration ] menu, move to [ System ] → [ Diagnostics ] → [ Traceroute ], to display Traceroute Execution screen.
Input as the table below on the Traceroute Execution screen.

Setting Items

Setting value

Host name
Packet Length

100 (Recommended value)

Port Number

33434 (Default value)

Number of queries

3(Default value)

Source IP Address
Type of Service

0 (Default value)

Waiting Time

5 (Default value)


10 (10 is mandatory)


  • With ECL2.0, when executing Traceroute, input the Source IP Address in accordance with your environment without fail.

  • For Packet Length, input the recommended value shown on the screen.

After inputting setting values, press the [ Run ] button.
For values that can be input in each item, they will be displayed as the figure below if you mouse over the right side of the input field.

Operation check result

From the verification result log below, we found Traceroute to on the Verification Diagram was successful and confirmed the communication route.