1.2. Software Requirements for Use

Please refer to the following use Enterprise Cloud 2.0 .

1.2.1. Internet Requirements

Internet connectivity is required as a prerequisite for service.

1.2.2. Internet Requirements Continued

All Customers are strongly advised to prepare Internet service ahead of time.
1)NTT Communications Corporation can supply ECL2.0 on the same customer Internet connection used for other services. Design to maintain adequate bandwidth as needed.
2)Assure that proxy servers and other network components allow for the HTTPS (port:443) protocol to pass freely.

1.2.3. Recommended Internet Browser

This service works best with Firefox & Chrome Internet browsers.

1.2.4. SSH Client Software

To operate Baremetal Servers and Virtual Servers, you should attain SSH client software.

1.2.5. Remote Desktop Software

You will utilize Remote Desktop Software to operate Baremetal Servers and Virtual Servers.
Generally, you can utilize the Remote Desktop Connectivity Applications already installed in the standard Windows package.