4.3. Copy Images

By utilizing a copy function, any private Images registered at an Image Storage region can be freely copied into another Tenant under a same contract. By doing this copy operation, you can duplicate a resource between different Tenants, as well as storage any image files into another region as a simple backup.

Here’s how to duplicate them as below:


The available Tenant being specifying as a Image Copy require a same Tenant under a same contract.
If you would like to utilize an Image within the different contract, please utilize a image sharing function.
If any Image includes a license, the relevant image can not be transferred to the relevant region, where the image has not been provided as an Official Image.
Please refer to Image Storage Region Service Description, for more information.

4.3.1. Image Storage

Move to “Image Storage” from the Control Panel, then click “Create Image” at the lower place of the screen.

4.3.2. Copy Images

Execute [ Copy an Image ] from [ Actions ] of Private Images, which you would like to duplicate.

Upload Image

Execute [ Copy Images ] by specifying a destination Tenant to copy. By doing so, the image will be copied to the specified Tenant.

Upload Image

4.3.3. Image Copy Job Management

You can verify the copy proceeding status [ Image Copy Job Management ]. Also, Image Copy Job Management enables the processing cancellation of copying job.

Upload Image