27.1. Procedure Guide for the order of Hybrid Cloud with Google Cloud Platform

27.1.1. Procedure Guide for the order

This section describes the outline method of application to launch Hybrid Cloud with Google Cloud Platform(GCP).
GCP Project is required to use Hybrid Cloud with GCP.
Follows describes the flow of creating GCP Project. The Concept of Google Accounts

Since GCP is charged along with Enterprise Cloud 2.0 tenant, Enterprise Cloud 2.0 tenant is needed for using Hybrid Cloud with GCP.
In order to create GCP Project, please be sure that you own one or more Google Accounts/GSuite Accounts offered by Google, or GSuite Accounts offered by Service Provider.(we call them “Google Account User”)
After creating that you can use GCP services through GCP Project.
Each accounts relates as below. Software Requirements for Use

Please refer to here for software requirements for using Enterprise Cloud 2.0. How to use the portal

Please refer to here for how to use the portal of Enterprise Cloud 2.0. Creating a New Tenant

Please refer to here for how to create new tenant of Enterprise Cloud 2.0. Creating Google Account User

If you are not currently under contract of GSuite, GSuite contract or Google Account(free of charge) is needed.
Please refer to here for how to create Google Account.
In case you newly make a GSuite contract, please refer as follows.

How to Subscribe a New GSuite Contract

This describes for the way you subscribe in order to create a new GSuite account.
To confirm the service detail and rate plans, please refer to Service Provider official site .
Click [Contact us] and the contact page opens.
Select [Want to apply for a Service] and fill out required forms, then click [submit] at the bottom of the screen.
GSuite experts will contact you. How to Place Subscription Order of GCP

A paper application form is required for GCP use.
Please contact our sales staff for application method inquiry.
Please note that information of ECL tennant and Google Account User, created by above-mentioned, is needed. How to Use GCP

After we receive the application, we create GCP Project and then you can use GCP services.
GCP servies can be used through Google Cloud Console.
The login page of Google Cloud Console is here .