10.5.5. Suspend of Azure Subscription

Here, you will see how to suspend an Azure subscription to an Azure AD Tenant already in use. How to Suspend Azure Subscription

From the top page of the control panel for the Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure, move to the [ Suspend Azure Subscription** ].
As the subscription list is displayed, select subscriptions to suspend, and click the [ Check ] button.
Azure サブスクリプション 廃止申込画面
Confirm the information entered and click [ Suspend ].
Azure サブスクリプション 申込確認画面
“suspend service application completed” screen will appear.
Azure サブスクリプション 申込完了画面
Click [ Top ] to return to the Top and check [ Azure Subscription Status ].
Check that the specified Azure subscriptions now have “suspended” status.
suspending...” status may be temporarily displayed.
Azure トップ廃止 画面
And a line of “Suspend Subscription” is added to “Event Log Management”.
If you click [ Details ] button on the right side of an applicable line, following pop-ups will appear.
You can check terminated Subscription IDs.
Azure 廃止イベント 画面