26.5. Download usage details

How to download usage details of Azure subscription is explained here.

26.5.1. How to download usage details of Azure subscription

From the top page of the control panel for the Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure, move to the [ Usage Download ].
Click either [ Last Month ] or [ This Month ] to download the usage details in csv format.
Azure 利用明細画面


You can download “This Month” or “Last Month”.

“This Month” includes the data until yesterday.

It may not be possible to download usage details due to maintenance etc of the cooperation destination system. In that case, the message “Could not collect usage. Please try again later.” will appear, so please wait for a while and try again.”

The CSV format is shown below.
CSV Format of the Usage Details




usage_start_time String

The start of the usage aggregation time range.

usage_end_time String

The end of the usage aggregation time range.

entitlement_id UUID

The entitlement (Azure subscriptionid)

resourceGroups String

Resource Group

meter_id String

The unique identifier of the resource that was consumed. Also known as resourceID or resourceGUID.

meter_category String

Category of the consumed resource

meter_sub_category String

Sub-Category of the consumed resource

meter_name String

Friendly name of the resource being consumed

meter_region String

Region of the meterId used for billing purposes.

unit String


quantity String

Quantity consumed of the resource.

rate String

unit price

charge String

charge of the item