10.5.3. Add an Azure subscription

Here, how to add an Azure subscription to an Azure AD Tenant already in use will be explained.
The Azure Tenant can be a Tenant created by Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure, or others such as a Tenant used with office365.


If it is not an Azure AD Tenant created by Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure, set Service Provider to Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and a Delegated Admin of your organization. How to subscribe for adding Azure subscription

From the top page of the control panel for the Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure, move to [ If you have Azure Tenant already ].
Confirm the terms and conditions of the service subscription, and click [ I agree ].
As the input fields are displayed, enter Azure AD Tenant Name to add Azure subscription, Account Name to grant the privilege, and a Nickname to identify the subscription in Azure Portal, and click the [ Confirm ] button.
Azure サブスクリプション 追加申込画面


  • The information you entered will be registered as the customer information required for launching the Microsoft Azure.
  • The following characters can not be used as input values.
    < , > , # , &
Confirm the information you entered and click [ Confirm ].
Azure サブスクリプション 追加申込確認画面
The Application completed screen will appear.
Azure サブスクリプション 追加申込完了画面


The addition is usually completed in about 5 minutes, but it may take about 60 minutes.

Click [ Top ] to return to the Top and check [ Azure Subscription Status ].
Check that “in use” subscription has increased.
“processing...” status may be temporarily displayed.
Azure トップ追加 画面
A line of “Add Subscription” will be added to “Event Log Management”.
If you click [ Details ] button on the right side of an applicable line, following pop-ups will appear.
You can check the Azure AD Tenant Name where Azure subscription is added, Account Name and Subscription ID.
Azure 追加イベント 画面
To use the added subscription, you need to assign a role after creating the subscription.