16.3. Terminating Your HULFT Subscription

This section describes how to terminate your subscription of the HULFT service provided on Enterprise Cloud 2.0 .


Any new or additional HULFT license, which you have just started its subscription, cannot be terminated in the same month of which you made its order. In addition to this, you cannot order the termination of any of your license from 23:59 on 25th to the last day of each month. If you subscribe a Cl Add license, you cannot terminate the parent license as far as the Add license contract is remained.

16.3.1. Accessing to HULFT menu

Firstly, select [ Middleware ].
Then, select [ HULFT ].

16.3.2. Making HULFT subscription terminated

On the Termination Order screen, select a license which you intend to terminate by serial number.
On the Termination Order screen, confirm details of the contract being terminated. If they are correct, click [ Apply ].


Serial No. and other related information allocated to the license intending to be terminated will be changed even when you reorder a subscription for the same one in future. So, please make sure to select the terminating contract correctly.

Check a notification email about the termination has been sent to your email account which you registered when you order a new/additional subscription.