10.2.1. Logging in to Brocade 5600 vRouter (Vyatta)

To make firewall settings, Brocade 5600 vRouter needs to be logged in. The two methods below are available to log into Brocade 5600 vRouter. Each of the methods requires the password shown at the time of firewall instance creation.

  1. Brocade 5600 vRouter CLI (via ssh)

  2. Brocade 5600 vRouter GUI (Control panel)


After the first boot of Brocade 5600 vRouter, the filtering rule has not yet been set. For security reasons, it is recommended, prior to Internet connections, to connect only to a private network, to login through its interface, and set the filtering rule. Brocade 5600 vRouter CLI access method (SSH)

Execute the following command for the IP Address assigned to the Firewall Instance. Then, input the displayed password when you created the Firewall Instance, for you are required to do so.

ssh user-admin@"Firewall IP address"
Welcome to Brocade vRouter
user-admin  password: "Enter password"


You are required to log in to Brocade 5600 vRouter (Vyatta) by utilizing the “user-read” account, if you would like to log in as a specific user, who has only the browsing right (permission) . Brocade 5600 vRouter GUI access method (Control Panel)

To access with the GUI of Brocade 5600 vRouter, use the IP address assigned to the firewall instance by the web browser as URL. After entering the password and logging in, the management screen of Brocade 5600 vRouter is displayed as below.

Vyatta GUI