10.1.2. Firewall Instance Operation Method

Here is an overview on the administrated Items of the Firewall Instance accessed from the Control Panel. You can choose the operations, which you would like to execute the relevant operation for each Instance, as below.


Edit Your Firewall

After changing your Firewall plan, you can edit the default gateway.

Reset the Password

You can update both passwords of user-admin and user-read, which are respectively utilized when accessing the Brocade 5600 vRouter console.

Reboot Your Firewall

You can reboot the Instance of the Firewall.

Delete Your Firewall

You can delete your Firewall Instance.


When the plan of the firewall is changed, reboot of the firewall instance is executed. In the case where change of the plan decreases the number of interfaces, the logical network needs to be disconnected beforehand through the interface of the slot number which is not be to be supported after the plan-changed firewall.