10.1.1. Firewall instance application method

First, select “Network” then “Firewall” on the Control Panel. Then, create a new Firewall.


Specify a name and a plan of your Firewall to be created on the “Basic Information” tab.



Name of the Firewall


Use the Firewall

Firewall Plans

Choose from the list of a specific SPEC for the Firewall you would like to create. The Firewall SPEC refers to “The Core Numbers of the Firewall”, then “The Interface Numbers to be connectable”.

Zone / Group

Select a zone and group for firewall creation. For firewall group creation, specifying a zone and group is recommended. If not specified, the firewall is created in terms of either zone/group “a” or “b”.

Next, specify the default gateway of the Firewall you would like to configure. You can execute the Default Gateway after instance creation.

Once you have configured a Firewall, the password will appear as shown below. You should retain this password, it is required whenever you log in to Brocade 5600 vRouter (Vyatta) to set up the individual rules of your Firewall.



  • Firewall creation is completed in five to ten minutes. Consider this needed time when estimating the schedule.

  • The Brocade 5600 vRouter users you should create are the following two types: (1) “User-Admin”, who has the administrator authorization; (2) “User-Read”, who has a browsing authority.