NAT conversion of a destination IP Address

Operation Confirmed Version:
 Brocade 5600vRouter Version4.2R1S1
Specifying communications forwarded to a specific destination IP address and performing NAT conversion of the destination IP address

Presumed case for sample setting

  • To set the destination IP address to “”

  • To set the interface of the IP address conversion target to “dp0s5”

  • To convert destination IP address “” into “”

Configuration diagram

Setting flow in a presumed case

2.Setting the destination IP address to be converted
3.Determining interface dp0s5 for execution of NAT conversion
4.Setting the post-conversion destination IP address

Command to be entered with CLI

set service nat destination rule 10 destination address ''
set service nat destination rule 10 inbound-interface 'dp0s5'
set service nat destination rule 10 translation address ''
The configuration after completion of appropriate settings is as follows.
service {
       nat {
               destination {
                       rule 10 {
                               destination {
                               inbound-interface dp0s5
                               translation {

Operation check result

Following NAT conversion of communications forwarded from server “” in the verification configuration diagram to “”, communications in terms of “” succeeded, and thus it was confirmed that one-to-one NAT conversion for an destination IP address worked.
# From Client to Server → OK

test@ubu01:~$ wget -O - > /dev/null
--2016-07-29 11:40:57--
Connecting to ... Connected
200 OK
Length: 616 [text/html]
`STDOUT' saving

100%[========================================================================================================================================================================================================>] 616         --.-K/s   Time 0s

2016-07-29 11:40:57 (162 MB/s) - stdout saved [616/616]