Communication Route Check Method (Traceroute)

Operation Confirmed Version:
 Brocade 5600vRouter Version4.2R1S1
This section describes a network path check function by means of the Traceroute command.
Using the Traceroute command allows to list and display devices (router, network device, etc.) which are passed through in the process of transfer from one host to another host.
Router or another network devices can be displayed.

Presumed case for sample setting

  • With Brocade 5600vRouter , executing the Traceroute command for the “” server

In the configuration diagram below, executing network path check for the “” server, with the Traceroute command, on vRouter

Command to be entered with CLI

Logging into vRouter and executing the Traceroute command
traceroute <IPアドレス>


For <IP address>, enter the destination IP address of the network path for checking whether communications up to the address are possible.

Operation check result

The result of execution of the following allows to confirm that the Traceroute command properly worked for server “” in the configuration diagram.
user-admin@vya4:~$ traceroute
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 (  4.019 ms  4.653 ms  4.640 ms
As the result of the operations above, the Traceroute command properly worked and the path up to “” is shown.