2.1.7. Check various information and update API key

In Smart Data Platform, some menus require application through our sales staff. In that case, it may be necessary to describe the tenant and user information of the customer's service in the application form. This section explains how to check that information. Confirmation of workspace ID

After logging in to the portal and selecting a workspace, the dashboard will display the workspace ID.

You can also check by transitioning from the header to the workspace detail page. Confirmation of tenant ID in the workspace

After logging in to the portal, select a workspace to go to the workspace detail page. You can check the ID of the tenant in the workspace here.

テナントID Confirm user information and update API key

You can check the logged-in user information by clicking "Your Profile" at the top right of the header after logging in to the portal.


When you click "Your Profile", the user ID and API key information will be displayed as shown in the figure below. Click "View" to display the API private key.


If you want to update the API key, click the "Update API key" button. The following confirmation page will be displayed. Click the "OK" button.

Updating API Keys

Return to the previous profile page, and if the API key and API private key values have been changed, the change is complete.


Customers using the Cloud Management Platform (CMP) by importing ECL2.0 resource information, etc. should use the new API key updated above to import ECL2.0 information into CMP again. is needed. For the setting method, refer to the next section (below). (The old API key will be invalidated and you will not be able to retrieve the information that was previously captured in CMP through the API.) Update ECL2.0 API key registered in Cloud Management Platform

Select Settings > Accounts from the top right navigation of the Cloud Management Platform (CMP) portal.

Cloud Management Platform

From the list of accounts, find the Enterprise Cloud 2.0 account you want to update.

Cloud Management Platform

Click the menu button to the right of the target account, then click Update Credentials.

Cloud Management Platform

Enter the new API key and API secret key on the displayed API key information input screen. Also, enter the remaining information that has not changed, such as contract ID, tenant ID, and region, and click "Submit".

Cloud Management Platform

The update is complete. After this, CMP will use the new credentials.


It may take up to 15 minutes for the updated setting information to take effect.