2.1.10. How to Cancel the service

Log in to the portal and click "Contract Management" from the login ID tab in the header.


After agreeing to "Confirmation before cancellation" , click "Next".


Fill in the contents of “Cancellation of Smart Data Platform (questionnaire)” and click “Next”.


Click [ Cancel] .


Display the popup on the reconfirmation.


Just after you click the [ Cancel ] at the popup windows, finally your request of the cancellation will have completed.



Once your request of this cancellation, the relavant resources will be deleted. Therefore, all the services will not be executed. Noted that once your cancellation request has been fallen in, the cancellation request itself never be retractable.

After cancellation, the notification email will be sent via the email addres from the [ ecl.ntt.com] domain. You are required to set up the specific address receiving settings. At the notification email that your cancel has been completed, the following items has been written: Contract ID, User ID, and the time and date of cancellation (UTC).