Tenant management

Smart Data Platform manages resources such as customer's servers and networks in units called tenants. Therefore, after starting to use this service, it is necessary to create a tenant before managing resources such as servers.


Tenant is the uppermost categories necessary to be set up at creation of Resources as well as becomes the Images of various task spaces. Furthermore, you can create the multiple Tenants in one Contract, while you can not create a Tenant crosses over the multiple Regions.


Only the user who subscribed your Contract ("Admin-User") can execute to create, edit & delete the Tenant.


Smart Data Platform Log in to the portal and click "Add New" from the tenant field on the dashboard. The following screen will be displayed.



The tenant name must include a tenant owned by another customer Smart Data Platform must be unique throughout the service. Please consider making a unique name such as adding your own prefix.

Select the tenant name, tenant description, region for creating the tenant, and access right, and execute [Add Tenant]. By selecting a service to use such as Enterprise Cloud 2.0 or Flexible InterConnect, you can narrow down the regions where that service can be used. Be sure to select “Global” when using Flexible InterConnect.

Service and region correspondence table



Enterprise Cloud2.0 (other than Wasabi object storage)

Non-global regions (jp1 etc.)

Enterprise Cloud2.0 (Wasabi object storage)


Flexible InterConnect


Narrow down regions by service


You can also assign the access permission/s to the other users from the “Edit” of the created Tenant.

Once a new Tenant has created, the created one is appeared on the list screen of "Tenant".


Manage Access permissions based on the Tenants.

You can assign multiple user access permissions for one Tenant. Here shows a procedure on this, as below:


In order to grant access privileges for normal users, the user must be granted access rights to the customer's contract on the business portal. For details on adding new users and granting access rights on the business portal, please check Manage User .

On the tenant list screen in the above figure, select the tenant name for which you want to add access rights. As tenant information as shown below is displayed, select “Configure access permission”.


Although it was possible to set the access right on the "Edit" screen, we changed the access right on the "Set Access Permission” screen. On the "Edit" screen, you can do Change the description of the workspace .



Only Admin user can configure this setting.

On the setting screen of the access right as shown below, check the user ID of the normal user who wants to grant the access right, and execute “Save”.



If the user ID is not displayed in the above list, before the access right is edited, the normal user must access the portal screen of this service at least once from the business portal.

Change description of tenant

Customer can change the description of tenant

On the tenant list screen, select the tenant name for which you want to change the tenant's explanation. As tenant information as shown below is displayed, select "Edit".


On the tenant's edit screen as shown below, enter a description of the new tenant and execute “Save”.