2.1.2. Use NTT Com Business Portal (Business Portal)


The screens displayed on this page are for admin users. The screen when accessed by a general user may be partially different.

To access the various portal page, you need to log in to the business portal. Log in to the business portal, click "Service Menu", select "Smart Data Platform", and click "Contract list".


If there are multiple Smart Data Platform contracts in one business portal account, the contract list as shown below is displayed. Click the contract number you want to log in from.


Click the contract number to display the portal top page (dashboard) as shown below.


Following show the details on the way you can operate at this Portal screen.


Please use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox to operate the portal page.

User management

You can display a list of users (accounts) who have access to your contract from the "Super User Menu" in the header at the top of the page. This operation can only be performed by an administrative user.

Workspace selection

You can select the workspace for managing virtual servers, networks, etc. Check: doc: workspaces_tenants for how to create it. The operation of each resource in the workspace and tenant will be explained in the following chapters.

Update the API Key

You can update the API key of the user you are using from the "Your Profile" menu of login id in the header at the top of the page. Please note that once you update the API key, you will no longer be able to use the API key you were using before.

Check Your Billing Information

From the "Super User Menu" at the top of the page, you can check the fixed charges for the previous month's usage fee within your contract and the preliminary figures for the usage fee up to this month. Visit : doc: billing for more information. This operation can only be performed by super user.

Confirmation of Outage / Maintenance information

From the list of outage / maintenance information in the center of the page, you can check information about the outages that is currently occurring and the maintenance schedule.

Confirmation of news

You can check the news n from the list of notification information at the bottom of the page.