2.1.9. Use Notification Setting Management

It is possible to select and set the emails to be received for each user in the contract.


For admini users, notification settings can be made for all users in the contract, and for normal users, notification settings for themselves are possible. Procedure

From user list page, select the user you want to set up for email and click the "Detail" link. If you want to set your own login user, click your ID in the upper right corner of the header and select "Your Profile".

On the user profile page, click "Edit" in "Mail Notification Reception Setting".


As shown in the figure below, the page will change to the "Mail Notification Reception Setting" page. Check the notification settings for which you want to receive emails for each notification setting, and if not, uncheck it and click "Save" button.


When the change is completed, it moves to the user's profile.


It may take time to reflect notification settings. About type of notification

Smart Data Platform will provide the following email notification regarding the service.

Apart from the above, the contract person in charge (Smart Data Platform the mail address of the person in charge entered at the time of new application) may be notified of notices about terms and charges.