2.1.8. Managing contract information

Log in to the portal and click "Contract Management" from the login ID tab in the header.


Only Contract Owner can view the contract information.

契約管理 Contract Management Top

Following are a top screen of contract management.

契約管理トップ Confirmation / change of customer information

On this page, you can check and change your registered address and contact information.

Click “Next” to change the registration information.
契約管理 Verifying the billing information

Here, there are how to verify your billing information.

契約管理 Inputting a coupon code.

Customers who have a coupon code in use can use by this procedure.


Coupon code is a twelve digit numbers, composed of English capital characters and numbers.

Click a coupon code registration. Input the coupon code to the input field.


After verifying the details on a coupon, then click Register.


At the following screen, complete the coupon registration.



The newly input coupon code will be effective on the following month. Usage and Billing

Enterprise Cloud 2.0 allows you to verify both the fixed monthly billing information for the previous months & the estimated billing information (the estimated result) of the current month via portal. Furthermore, you are able to verify the billing information for the past 24 months, too.

From November 10, 2021, we will provide two types of usage fee format, a Summary format and a Detail format. Summary format can be displayed on the web, and Detailed format can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Usage fee format before October 2021 will be provided in parallel. (Provided until the end of November 2022.) In order to match the usage fee after November 2021, some changes have been made to the integerization timing of charge calculation and the expression of menu names. For details, please refer to ECL2.0 Billing Changes .


Only admin user can view the usage. Depending on user setting, the usage page cannot displayed to admin user.


Log in to the portal and select "Billing history" from the super user menu in the header. Select the "Usage fee format after November 2021 (Summay format)" tab. You can also check past usage fee from the left navigation.



In the usage fee summary format, you can check the usage fee for each workspace. You can also download the CSV format file by selecting "Download CSV (Summary format)".

In the usage fee detail format, you can check detailed information such as plans and regional information for each menu. If you select "Download CSV (Detail format)", you can download the CSV format file. (There is no display on the web.) Also, regarding the fees for each menu, See Pricing / Pricing Calculator .




Types of charges (menu usage, adjustments, taxes, etc.)


The contract ID that uses the menu. If you are a partner, the contract ID of the child contract may be listed.


External system contract ID. If this contract belongs to NTT Communications, it will be represented by a 15-digit number. In the case of a partner, it may be a child contract management number managed by the partner.


workspace ID that owns the menu


workspace name that owns the menu.


tenant ID in the workspace that owns the menu.


calculation unit ID to be charged.


Category of menu.


Subcategory of menu.




Describes menus with finer particle size than individual menu contents.


Plans that provide menus (1CPU-2GB, etc.)


Region information to which the menu belongs (jp, etc.)


Explanation of menus and special adjustments


resource ID for which billing is calculated


Menu usage. The unit depends on the menu.


Unit of usage.


Amount per row.


Currency of amount per row.


tax classification (total, tax included, etc.)


The target month of the acquired billing data.


The status of data (fixed or estimated)

About Usage fee format before October 2021 (Provided until the end of November 2022)

In order to match the usage fee format after November 2021, some changes have been made to the integerization timing of charge calculation and the expression of menu names. For details, please refer to ECL2.0 Billing Changes .

Select the "Usage fee format before October 2021" tab. You can check the price of each menu for each tenant. You can also check the detailed usage status by clicking the + button on each menu. Also, regarding the fees for each menu, See Pricing / Pricing Calculator .


You can also download the CSV format file by selecting "Download".

About the CSV format of the usage fee format before October 2021

Customer can click on the "Download" button to download usage fee in CSV format. This CSV shows metadata such as contract, detail creation date, detailed target month, etc. and actual price information by seven columns field. In each record, the record type number is commonly described in the second column. The records represented by each line of CSV are as shown in the table below.


In the first column of each record line, the line number is written.

Record type

Record contents


Record type number (2nd column)


This is a line that represents a break in CSV.


Billing month

This line shows the month of target billing data.


Billing file created date

This line shows create date of billing data.


Billing item

This line shows actual billing items contained in billing data. This line is expressed in tier format.


Billing status

This line shows current billing status.


Customer number

This line shows contract information, such as ContractID.



This line represents the end of CSV data.


The correspondence between each record and the value described in each column of 3-7 is shown in the table below. ('-' represents empty characters.)

CSV format

Record contents

3rd column

4th column

5th column

6th column

7th column


Billing month

'Billing Month'

The target month of the acquired billing data

Billing file created date

'File Create Date'

System date and time when this CSV file is output (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss UTC)

Billing item

Number of tiers(*1)




Usage fee


'Billing Status'

The status of data (fixed or estimated)

Customer number

'Contract Identifier'

Customer number

Contract ID

Last line number


Total line number

(*1) The tier number is listed as shown on the price display screen below.
(*2) In the item, a space of (number of tiers - 1) × 2 is inserted at the beginning.

An example of price information to be returned in the CSV format is as follows.

1,1,"Billing Month","2019-08","","",""
2,5,"Contract Identifier","econ1000XXXXXX","econ1000XXXXXX","",""
4,3,1,"合計","CustomerNumber:econ1000XXXXXX00001 [econ1000XXXXXX]","","6339"
5,3,2,"  テナント","Id:xxxxxxxxxx, Name:manual-tenant, RegionId:jp1","","5870"
6,3,3,"    Enterprise Cloud 2.0","","","5870"
7,3,4,"      Virtual Server","","","704.775327"
8,3,5,"        Compute","Id:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","1","649.135268"
9,3,6,"          Flavor (1CPU-4GB)","","","649.135268"
10,3,7,"            Running","","3739 Min","649.135268"
11,3,5,"        Volume","Id:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Name:xxxxxxxxx","1","55.640059"
12,3,6,"          15GB","","3739 Min","55.640059"
13,3,4,"      Logical Network","","","0.000000"
14,3,5,"        Network","Id:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","3741 Min","278.349105"
15,3,5,"        無料利用分","ロジカルネットワーク5本相当","","-278.349105"
16,3,4,"      Firewall","","","2579.168730"
17,3,5,"        Firewall Instance","Id:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","1","2579.168730"
18,3,6,"          vSRX 15.1X49-D105.1 Standard (2CPU-4GB-8IF)","","3714 Min","2579.168730"
19,3,4,"      Load Balancer","","","2586.807625"
20,3,5,"        Load Balancer Instance","Id:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","1","2586.807625"
21,3,6,"          NetScaler VPX 12.1-52.15 Standard_Edition (50Mbps 2CPU-8GB-4IF)","","3725 Min","2586.807625"
22,3,2,"  消費税相当額","税区分:合算 消費税率:8%","","469"
23,4,"Billing Status","estimated","","",""
25,2,"File Create Date","2019-08-30 07:25:38 UTC","","",""