Change the Contract Owner

Smart Data Platform allows you to change the contract representative user to another general user within one contract.


Only Contract Owner can this operation.


  • Please be noted that if customer execute this operation, current Contract Owner will be changed to Normal User.

  • The new contract representative user will be granted access to all workspaces in the contract and tenants associated with the workspace. The permissions that the contract representative user can execute include creating/deleting workspaces, managing workspace access rights, managing IAMs, and viewing fee information. *For the target users and when to start applying the specifications, please refer to the ECL2.0 Security Enhancements .

  • The current contract owner user will be changed to a normal user, but access to all workspaces will remain granted. Being changed to a normal user limits your use of workspaces, users, IAM management, Usage fee information, and more.

  • Users who becomes Contract Owner should fully check the privilege setting etc. on the business portal.

  • Please use the latest Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser.

Procedure of changing Contract Owner

Log in and select "User List" from the "Super User Menu" in the header.


Select the "Detail" button of the contract owner user from the user information list page.


On the contract owner user profile page, click the "Edit" link in the "Contract" item.


As shown in the figure below, the page will change to the contract owner user change page. Select the normal user you want to use as the new contract owner user and click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.


A confirmation popup will be displayed, so if customer select "OK", the contract owner will be changed. When the change is completed, it will transition to the dashboard as a Normal User.