Manage User

In Smart Data Platform, it is possible to grant access rights for multiple users in the business portal in one contract.


This operation can only be performed by the administrative user of the business portal.

Creating a User: The Procedure

Log in to the Business Portal and click "Portal Management" -> "User Management".


On the "User List" page, click the "Add User" button in the upper right.


Enter the required information and click the "To Add" button.

Clicking on “Add” will send “User Registration Reception E-mail” to the e-mail address you entered. You can log in to the business portal by accessing the URL described in the mail and setting the password.


After adding the user in the business portal, when the system synchronization between the business portal and Smart Data Platform or the user who created the Smart Data Platform contract, the corresponding Smart Data Platform user will be created on Smart Data Platform.

Create a New User Group

You need to assign an access permission to this Service to the created new user account. You can assign an access permission upon your Business Portal.
First, log in to the Business Portal with an account that has Administrator privileges on the Business Portal. From the page after logging in, click "Portal Management"-> "User Group Management" as shown in the figure below.
On the "User Group List" page, create a user group that can access this service. To create a new user group, click "Add User Group".
Enter the "User Group Name" and "Description" as shown below, and execute "To Add".

Add User to User Group

After creating the user group, add the users who are allowed access to the created user group. Click "Add / Delete" on the screen below.
Place the check marks into "User", then click "Add". At last, click "OK".

Add Permission to User Group

Next, set the permissions that the user group name owns. Click the row for the user group you created.
Click the "Edit permissions" button on the screen below to move to the user group permission setting page.
You can set the service permission from this page.
To set the permission for each contract of this service, click "Set permission for each contract" on the above page.


If you select the permission for each contract, click "Apply" in the above figure to return to the user group edit page. Click "Save" on that page.

Remove User

Select the user you want to remove on the User List.
Click "Delete this user" to move to the "User detail" page.
A confirmation pop-up will be displayed. Check it and click "Delete".


After deleting a user in the business portal, the corresponding Smart Data Platform user is deleted at the timing of system synchronization between the business portal and Smart Data Platform.