How to change User type


This function is to change and edit user type. By using this function, it is possible to change the user whose user type is “Normal User" to “Super User".


Please refer to About User type for more detail.


Even if you use this function, you cannot change the user type of the contract representative user. (Contract User will always be Super User)

With this function, you can customize various operation rights in the portal only when you select the admin user. For example, it is possible to set an administrative user who can only manage Workspace (creating / deleting / setting user access rights to workspaces, etc. Other operations are equivalent to general users).

Please refer to About customizable operation rights customizable operation right with this function


Even when you customize the operation rights, the user type of the target user is displayed as an Super User. As an Super User, you can check which operation is permitted on the "User type management" screen.


Click "User List" from the "Super User Menu" in the header to display the profile screen of the user who wants to change the user type.

Access to User list menu

Select the "Detail" button of the user whose user type you want to change from the user list page.


Click the "Edit" link from the User Type section.


You can manage the user type of the selected user.

You can select “Normal” (Normal User) or "Management" (Super User).
User Type setting screen
If you select "Manage", you can check “Customize Operation authority".
Customize Control items checkbox
You can customize the operation that Super Users can do in the portal. Please select "ON" "OFF" of authority.
Customize Control items

Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to complete the changes.


If the target user is logged in, re-login is required to reflect the setting contents.


When API permission management related to the portal is set using "API privilege management", even if you set the user type in this function, it may not be effective. Please check the setting of API permission management and use it.

About customizable operation rights

The following types are available as customizable operation rights in the user type change function.

In each item, it is possible to set whether it is the operation right equivalent to “Normal User" or the operation right equivalent to “Super User". In addition, there may be correlation between authorities in operation authority. In that case, you also need to allow correlated operation rights.