API availability setting


This function is a function to set the API availability of contract owner, super users, and general users on the user's profile screen.
The setting status of the new user is API Unavailable and it is always linked to the default IAM group (API is not available IAM group).
Also, if the user status is “API Unavailable”, it cannot be assigned to other IAM groups.
If you want to use the API, you need to switch to the API available setting and then assign to non-default IAM groups.


The status of the user whose operation is restricted in the IAM group will be API available even if the API is not actually used. For example, even if you want to limit the operation to ECL2.0 portal operation and some menu use, you need to change the user status to "API available" and then describe and set the IAM group / IAM role.


From User List , select the Details button of the target user whose API availability is to be changed.
Click the Edit API availability from the API availability section.
Click the OK button.