5.2.2. Baremetal Server Access

There are 2 ways you access to the created Baremetal Server: (1) Remote Console Access (this is “RCA”) and (2) SSH Connectivity
This describes the procedure of the way to utilize the Remote Console Access. Create a New Remote Console Access User

To execute the Remote Console Access, add a new user account for the RCA.
First, move to “Baremetal Server” then to “Remote Console Access” within the control panel. Then, execute “Create User” and configure the password settings you will use when accessing as shown below.
リモートコンソールアクセスのトップ画面 Verify the Console Information

Configure the password settings then execute “Create User”, then a new Remote Console Access User Account will be added.
After you verify the new user account has been added, you need to move to “Baremetal Server” then to “Server List”. Then to choose “Console Details” from among the “Actions” list of the server, which you would like to connect the Console to.
Both information on the SSL-VPN and the Console are appear in “Console Information”.
コンソール情報 Configure a SSL-VPN

You need to access to the console URL by configuring a SSL-VPN, in order to execute Remote Console Access.
First, access the VPN URL via the Browser on the “Console Information” screen as shown above. Once completed, the following SSL VPL Gateway appears. At that SSL VPL Gateway screen, you are also required to input the user name shown in “Console Information” and the user password of Remote Console Access, which was created by following the early procedure in this section, then log in.
SSL VPNゲートウェイ


It is required to add a new NetScaler Gateway plug-in of CITRIX to configure a SSL VPN. By following this procedure, you will see a pop up download for an installer to enable the plug-in. Access to the Console

Once a SSL VPN has been configured, access “Console URL”, which is appears in “Console Information”.
Once Normal Console Access has been completed, the following screen to log in to your Baremetal Server IPMI will be appear. Input both the User ID and its Password, which are shown in “Console Information”.


The password to log in to the console screen is different from the password configured with “Create User” in Remote Console Access. At the initial login, it is also required to fully verify your password by placing a check mark into the “Show Password” box.

Once your logging in to the Console has been done, the following IPMI setting screen will be display as shown below:


To connect the console to the Baremetal Server from this screen, you are required to execute “Launch Console” by selecting “Remote Console” at the left side of the screen.