RAID Setting for Workload Optimized 2

The following contents describe the procedures of RAID setting for Workload Optimized 2.
(The example shows a case that configures RAID10 on Windows by using 4 discs.)
As a prerequisite, we estimates to use storcli in this procedure.


RAID Settings

1.Move PowerShell to the directory of the Windows binary that has been booted and deployed under an administrator authority:

2.Verify Enclosure ID (EID) and Slot No. (Slt) of the connected HDD at the following command:
 C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\1.19.04_StorCLI\storcli_all_os\Windows> .\storcli64.exe /c0 /eall /sall show
3.With the following command, create Virtual Drives (VD) by specifying EID:Slt of the HDD intending to be used for Raid Array creation:
The example below shows the command which configures RAID10 by using 4 HDDs of 9:0-3.

 C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\1.19.04_StorCLI\storcli_all_os\Windows> .\storcli64.exe /c0 add vd type=raid10 drives=1:0-3 pdperarray=2
4.Verify with the command below that the VD has been created appropriately.
 C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\1.19.04_StorCLI\storcli_all_os\Windows> ./storcli64.exe /c0 /vall show
5.Boot Disc Manager and format the volume created for starting.

Deleting RAID

1.Boot Disk Manager to delete the created volume.

2.Boot PowerShell under an administrator authority, and with the command below, delete the VD that has been created.
 C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\1.19.04_StorCLI\storcli_all_os\Windows> .\storcli64.exe /c0 /v1 del
3.With the command below, verify that the VD has been deleted appropriately.
 C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\1.19.04_StorCLI\storcli_all_os\Windows> ./storcli64.exe /c0 /vall show