5.2.3. Baremetal Server power operations

The executable basic power operations for the created Baremetal Server are (1) “Start Server”, (2) “Shut down Server” & (3). “Soft / Hard Reboot Server”. These respective power operations are executable by using the following 2 methods.
1.The control panel.
2.The console (IPMI).


To use the console, you need to utilize the Remote Console Access (hereafter called “RCA”). Please refer to doc:./rca , about details on how to use the Remote Console Access. Procedure

Select “Baremetal Server” then “Server List”, by following the figure below. On the “Server List” screen, choose a specific power operation, from the action list of the server.


The following are 2 types of rebooting methods for the Baremetal Server found in the control panel.
1.Soft Reboot (or OS reboot / “Restart via ACPI”)
2.Hard Reboot (“Chassis ON / OFF”)