Baremetal Server Tools

This describes an overview on Baremetal Server’s tools, which can be found in the control panel. You can select specific tools to be executed with the pull-down menu, as shown below.


Shut down Server

Turn OFF the chassis of your Baremetal Server.

Edit Server Metadata

You can modify the Metadata detailed Information you have configured, when your creating the Baremetal Server.

Console Information

You can verify the inquired URLs, User Names & Passwords if you access to the Baremetal Server console. Please refer to Access to Your Baremetal Server for the details of access method.

Soft Reboot of your Baremetal Server

You can restart the soft reboot of your Baremetal Server via ACPI.

Hard Reboot of your Baremetal Server

You can execute power OFF / ON of the chassis of your Baremetal Server.

Delete Server

You can delete a specific Baremetal Server you have specified.

Once you select the utilizing Baremetal Server name, the screen moves to “Overview” of the Baremetal Server, whose details you can view, as shown below.
View the Physical NIC Information of the Baremetal Server you have created, the disk partition and the file system information.
If you click on the “Physical NIC Port” tab at the “Baremetal Server Details” screen, you can verify four physical NICs, which have connected to the Baremetal Server, and the respective information of the Logical Networks which are connected to respective NICs.
You can create a new Logical Network to be connected to the physical NIC. We recommend that you verify doc:add_logicalnw , regarding the details on how to configure a new Logical Network.