5.2.5. Connect to the NTP Server

To maintain clock accuracy, this Service has connects to free NTP Servers directly accessible from your Baremetal Server. First, you are should create the Common Function Gateways. Please refer to the Common Function Gateways, for further details.


This task is not necessary if you have already prepared for the NTP Server. Connect to Common Function Gateways

Attach the Instance to the Common Function Gateways, which have already been configured in Common Function Gateways . Add the Logical Network to the physical NIC of your Baremetal Server.

After the Port Connectivity has been done, verify the connectivity to the NTP Server. You can verify the NTP Server Address at “Common Function Gateway Details”.
For the NTP Server Address as the figure above, you need to verify whether the connection has completed, by verifying as shown below via the Instance:
ping <NTP server IPaddress>