Activate your OS License

You are still required to activate your OS license, even if you created the Baremetal Server from the Official Image Template, provided by Enterprise Cloud 2.0.
You are required to connect the Baremetal Server for your license activation server, provided by NTT Com.
Here shows the procedure on how you activate your licences.


NOTE: If the license has not been activated prior to using the Official Image Template, then upon activation, a billing charge will occur.
You don’t need to do this procedure if you use your private BYOL Official Image Template.
If you use the license server, you are required to create a Common Gateway Function in advance. For information on how to create one please refer to section Common Function Gateways .


End of support for current repository server (current server) will be scheduled. After that it is impossible to execute yum update not only operating server but also new creating server from template in private catalog or image storage. So customer need to change OS settings before end of support. Server reboot is not necessary for this settings.
Please refer to: doc:../../Dedicated-Hypervisor/GuestImage/RHUI/index and make the change.

Connect to Common Function Gateways

First, you are required to attach the Instance to the Common Function Gateways, you have created in Common Function Gateways . You are also required to add the port, where you connect Common Function Gateways, into the physical NIC which is the one of the Baremetal Server you utilize.


If you connected the first Logical Network to the physical NIC then you are required o assign the IP Address to that NIC upon the Baremetal Server OS by manual.


This step can be skipped if you have already connected to Common Function Gateways with Connect to the NTP Server. But you are still required to verify only the reachability to the lisense server, as shown below:

After a Network Interface Connectivity has been completed, you are required to fully verify the connection between the Network Interface Connectivity and the license server. You can verify the address to the license server from the “Common Function Gateway Details” screen in Enterprise Cloud 2.0 Portal, as shown below:


If you utilize any Windows Server, “KMS” is a license server. CDS is a license server, if you utilize Red Had Enterprise Linux.


Verify the Connectivity to the Lisence Server

You need to verify whether the connection has been established by pinging as described below using your Baremetal Server to the IP Addresses of respective license servers.

ping <License Server IPaddress>


License permission is usually automated, which will be done usually in OS. You don’t need to do any tasks over the permission by yourselves, except for connecting to Common Function Gateways.