About Bare Metal Server (v2) Firmware Update Method


This procedure describes update method using media connectivity functions.
Or, you can download the update package directly from the download site by using Internet connectivity function from Baremetal Server.
Also, the following tutorials apply to General Purpose 1 v2, General Purpose 2 v2, General Purpose 3 v2, and Workload Optimized 1 v2.


The tutorial is created under the following environment.
  • Official Image


  • Flavor

    General Purpose 1 v2

  • Tool for update


Downloading Driver/Maintenance Tool


  • Next, upload the downloaded file to the image storage area.


  • Mount the uploaded image on the baremetal server.

  • From the Baremetal Server action, press "Connect Media"> File Name Uploaded Image Name> "Connect Media".


  • Next, select Bare Metal Server and select Boot Type 「Soft Boot」> Boot Mode 「ISO Boot」.


  • Make a console connection to the Baremetal Server.
    After connecting to the console, go to 「ServerView」 ->「Virtual Media」 ->「Remote Image Mount」 and make sure the ISO media is mounted.
    ※Make sure that [Disconnect] is activated.
  • Open 「ServerView」->「Video Redirection (HTML5)」

  • The update tool is launched, so select 「ja-Text in Japanese ...」 this time.


  • Select 「Quick Mode」 from Update Manager Express, check where 「Status」 is 「Requires Update」, and click 「Start」.
    ※ The current version is described in 「Version」.

  • When installation is complete, 「Status」 will be 「Completed (requires restart required)」 and reboot will be performed. ※ It is not necessary to set boot mode to 「ISO boot」 at this time.


  • After rebooting, connect to a console, change from 「iRMC4」 > 「iRMC S4 information」 from the iRMC screen, check the Firmware Version displayed at the top of the right pane, and confirm that the version is up. .